The danger from Cyber attacks to Israeli aviation

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19559345_sThis threat is mentioned seldom but it does not make it less lethal.

 A cyber attack on Israeli infrastructure may include air traffic control installations. In recent months  Israel has been under a constant Cyber attack and the government has ordered the general security service to take every needed step to counter those attacks.

The National Cyber Defence Authority (NCDA) unit, which is responsible for protecting Israel’s national infrastructures against cyber attacks, is coordinating the protection of banks and mobile carriers.

But is the air traffic control safe?

Cyber attacks are acts of war but at this moment not enough is made to protect vital infrastructuresץ

i-HLS ISRAEL Homeland Security 

As it looks now, this is an all out war , and the concerns are high as signs prove that vital national installations are targeted almost daily.

The Israeli ATC system is closely inter woven wiith this of the Israeli air force.

Therefore any attempt to disrupt one of these systems will affect the other and may cause chaos and big danger.

Experts told I-HLS that some very urgent actions must be taken to at least minimize the dangers for the Israeli ATC systems that will be attacked without any doubt.