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GuardianSat™ is an American company that has patented an integrated countermeasure system on satellites that autonomously neutralizes ground, air and space-based anti-satellite attacks. The company launched in 2020 and has relentlessly pursued solutions for space domain awareness and defense ever since. Their new technology aligns with the company’s founding principle- protecting and preserving space by eliminating threats to satellites with space domain defense systems.

Since the expansion of space commerce, satellites have become an essential component of commercial and military infrastructures, but this also poses a new threat. Opposing nations can now focus on these satellites, as they are valuable targets that can disrupt the Intelligence Community and Space Economy of their country.

GuardianSat’s website elaborates on those attack risks, stating: “Commercial satellites have become an integral part of civil, strategic, and military infrastructures globally. They enable everything from smartphone applications to logistical planning for supply chain management and even disaster preparedness. These satellites are prime targets for adversarial forces not only for military value but also the economic disruption of their loss.”

They also detail two possible types of attack- a Direct Ascent in which weapons are launched from the Earth’s surface from land, sea or aircraft to destroy a satellite, and Co-Orbital, in which weapons that are placed into orbit are designed to maneuver towards a selected target and attack.

According to The Fast Mode, the development and testing of anti-satellite weapons are largely unregulated, which makes it difficult to defend against them due to the short time between deployment and impact. GuardianSat is tackling these growing threats by developing a self-contained anti-satellite weapon countermeasure system that can neutralize hostile attacks from the ground, air, and space leveraging this patented technology.

According to the company’s website, its mission is “Advancing new and transformative solutions to eliminate the risk of high Earth-orbiting satellite collisions with Orbital Debris, defend against the threat of Anti-Satellite Weapons, and to provide high accuracy space domain awareness.”

It is a generational company founded by Robert D. Briskman and Christopher Rohe with indispensable patented technology that is focused on the protection of orbital assets from growing threats and the improvement of space domain awareness to “Keep Space Open.”