World’s First Autonomous Bike with Chat-GPT

image provided by pixabay

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Imagine this scenario- you’re riding your bike to work and want to make a stop to buy your morning coffee. Instead of stopping and looking up a route on your phone, what if you could just ask your bike for the best route to the nearest café? With this new autonomous bike, this scenario is now becoming a reality.

Urtopia, a new avant-garde company made waves at the EUROBIKE 2023 after introducing the world’s first e-bike integrated with ChatGPT.

The company said in a press release that their smart e-bike would be an exceptional companion for riders, delivering real-time assistance, powered by ChatGPT and Urtopia’s voice recognition features.

According to Interesting Engineering, the Urtopia Fusion, or the “bicycle with a mind” has a full carbon fiber body weighing less than 20kg. It also has technologies such as built-in GPS navigation, anti-theft measures, riding safety features, and data recording capabilities.

The company’s e-bikes integrate with popular platforms like Apple Health and Strava, which opens up new possibilities for cyclists who will, for example, be able to monitor their heart rate fluctuations while cycling. The bike processes this data and adjusts power compensation automatically to provide the user with a better exercising experience and longer riding distance.

Hartmut Esslinger, founder of Frog Design and the creative mind behind Apple’s design concept worked with the cycling company to unveil Urtopia Fusion at EUROBIKE 2023.

Now what does ChatGPT have to do with this?

The integration of ChatGPT will allow the rider to ask the bike for directions to specific places they want to go to, as well as prompt the bot to build up a conversation on any topic they would like, as was showcased in a promotional video.

This offer made by Urtopia to integrate ChatGPT into its product follows the company Mercedes Benz, which announced the addition of the chatbot to its MBUX multimedia system.