New Video Footage of illegal Vehicle Activity in Azerbaijan  

Image provided by pixabay

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On April 22, at about 20:00, movement in the column of 2 Armenian KamAZ trucks, 1 auto crane KamAZ, 1 UAZ-3151 and 1 UAZ-Patriot vehicles with a residential container on each was recorded by the Azerbaijan Army’s surveillance cameras in the territory of Lachin region, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday, News.Az reports.

The video footage testifies that the column of vehicles moving from the direction of the Armenian Kornidzor settlement first enters the territory of Azerbaijan by crossing the newly built bridge over the Hakari river on the Azerbaijani-Armenian conditional border. It should be noted that the entry of military supplies from Armenia to Azerbaijan was carried out with the support of Russian peacekeepers.

As a result of the surveillance, it was also revealed that after the return of vehicles to the territory of Armenia, the two residential containers were unloaded to a place prepared in advance by a truck crane on the cross of the Lachin-Khankendi road on the border with Azerbaijan, the ministry noted.