Experts Confirm Significant Rise in DDoS Attacks

Experts Confirm Significant Rise in DDoS Attacks

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Recent data has showed an undeniable rise in DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. According to new NETSCOUT research, there is a significant link between geopolitical conflicts and these types of attacks.

One of the most prevalent examples of a geopolitical conflict impacting the dynamics of the cyber realm is the ongoing war between the Ukraine and Russia. According to NETSCOUT’s Threat Intelligence Report, since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly a year ago, cyber-attacks have become increasingly featured as part of threat actors’ attack methodology.

The war has resulted in 66% of businesses changing their cybersecurity strategies, and 82% of security professionals today believe that geopolitics and cybersecurity are intrinsically linked, as reported on by

As Ukrainian internet properties started to relocate to other countries to ensure connectivity, threat actors followed them, launching DDoS attacks against the nations offering support to the besieged nation.

For instance, after Ireland welcomed numerous Ukrainian organizations, there was a 200% increase in attacks against organizations in the nation. Likewise, as tensions rose between Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong in 2022, DDoS attacks against Taiwan took place with increasing frequency, in concert with related public events.

“DDoS attacks often represent forms of geopolitical protest, being deployed in an attempt to disrupt governments and vital organizations…” said Richard Hummel, threat intelligence lead for NETSCOUT.

“As the majority of these attacks don’t just target a single victim, many organizations will be impacted when they take place – not least ISPs. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations in regions experiencing geopolitical unrest to be well prepared in the event they’re targeted by a DDoS attack.

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