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New reports found that most US defense programs struggle to keep up with modern speed and deliver slow feedback to users.

According to a new watchdog report, the pentagon is still struggling to deliver working software for its weapon systems in a timely matter, with programs lagging behind commercial standards.

In its report, the GAO reviewed 39 programs and found that the majority that reported using a modern software development approach actually deliver working software for user feedback slower than recommended by industry’s “agile” practices. As a result, those programs may lose out on some of the benefits of using a modern approach.

The Pentagon struggling with agile software deliveries isn’t new: Last year, the GAO’s annual report concluded that only six of the 42 major weapons programs reviewed actually met the industry-level standard of delivering software updates to users in a six-week timeframe, as reported on by

The report comes a few months after Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks approved a new software modernization strategy outlining three key objectives the Pentagon wants to achieve, including turning its 29 software factories into one overarching department-wide “ecosystem” to rapidly acquire and deliver software at speed.

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