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Nowadays, everybody is talking about data security and privacy, especially when talking about the future of social media. Platforms based on blockchain are also bringing in a lot of discussion, as they are shown to be able to withstand many hacking attempts. So, could blockchain make social media more secure?

Blockchain has emerged as a feasible alternative for fixing numerous challenges, including social media; many specialists and experts believe that blockchain-based digital networks are the way of the future for social media, especially on a security basis. Blockchain-based social platforms provide end-to-end encryptions for all interactions due to their decentralized nature. write that though blockchain-based social media platforms are open-source like traditional ones, they offer free and paid service, and user data is not sold for profit. The significant difference is that blockchain-based applications allow users to earn and spend cryptocurrency through the application. Users make tokens by doing the following: posting, commenting, receiving upvotes, and inviting others to join the site. In some applications, the earned tokens can be used to improve posts and obtain access to any content and the opportunity to become verified users and delete all boosted posts from their feed.

Apart from allowing users to earn cryptocurrency, these blockchain-based social networking applications also help with information security, freedom of expression, and privacy. From the security perspective, blockchain-based applications enable end-to-end encryption for messages and allow users to have security rights on all information they access.

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