Artificial Intelligence Enters the Courtroom

Courtroom. image by pixabaya

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According to recent reports, next month, artificial intelligence will enter the courtroom, and the US legal system may never be the same. At least it might.

An artificial intelligence chatbot, technology programmed to respond to questions and hold a conversation, is expected to advise two individuals fighting speeding tickets in courtrooms in undisclosed cities. The two will wear a wireless headphone, which will relay what the judge says to the chatbot being run by a company that typically helps people fight traffic tickets through the mail. The headphone will then play the chatbot’s suggested responses to the judge’s questions, which the individuals can then choose to repeat in court, according to

But don’t worry just yet as this is just a small scale stunt, but it also has the potential to change how people interact with the law, and to bring many more changes over time. Expensive legal fees have historically kept people from hiring traditional lawyers to fight for them in traffic court, which typically involves fines that can reach into the hundreds of dollars. So, the system’s development team wondered whether an AI chatbot, trained to understand and argue the law, could intervene.

Regardless of this system’s success or failure – this type of experiment is bound to create a bigger demand for experimental technology, especially in the court of law.

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