The Security Strategy of Biden Administration – How Will It Impact Us?

US affairs. image by pixabay

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The White House has released the official National Security Strategy (NSS) for the Biden administration after many delays, so what does it include?

The role of the NSS in the US Government is to detail the administration’s main priorities on international matters, security and trade. details that the strategy highlights the growing competition with China and countering the military ambitions of Russia as key priorities, as well as increasing investment in the US economy, enhancing existing alliances with like-minded partners and further building US military capabilities to counter potential threats, among other priorities.

This NSS has emphasized mobilizing public investment and diplomatic resources to nearshore US military, economic and political power as its main form of action in order to protect the core interests of the United States. The strategy also seeks to bolster the United States domestically by increasing investment in health care and long-term career training, and education. The NSS emphasizes the importance of targeting investments to address the defining challenges of the 2020s, including corruption, digital repression and global attacks on elections and independent journalism.

When it comes to global affairs, the NSS outlines that the US will be focusing on “out-competing China and constraining Russia,”, working to maintain the dominance of the United States regarding cyber security, technology and economic trade.

What about the Middle East? The NSS details that the Biden administration will be focused on strengthening partnerships with Middle Eastern countries, preventing regional powers from limiting free access to the Middle East’s waterways, reducing tensions and ending regional conflicts through diplomacy; promoting regional integration, including through constructing additional air and maritime defense structures; and promoting human rights throughout the region.

Will these promises be kept? That is an entirely different question.

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