Israel Ministry of Defense and MAF’AT – Call For Startups

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Call for startups: 

Following the immense success of the previous two cycles and their integration into the defense sector, iHLS invites you to join the third cycle of INNOFENSE. iHLS and the Ministry of Defense invite you to a one-of-a-kind journey into the deepest reaches of the defense sector. A remarkable opportunity to showcase your technology solutions and demonstrate your ability to face the complex and urgent challenges the state of Israel goes up against every day.

The Israel Ministry of Defense, the Engineering and Construction Branch,  MAF’AT (Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure), the IDF air and ground arms, the Digital Transformation Administration, Computer Service Directorate, Field Medicine and Manpower Administrations, Technological and Logistics Directorate, Department of Engineering and Construction, as well as the Intelligence Directorate are invited to collaborate with iHLS in INNOFENSE – an innovation center for dual-use technological projects in the civilian and security sectors.

The program is designed to strengthen the links between the civilian and defense markets via the collaborative development of the technologies, thus advancing and improving their integration in both markets.

Why join us? 

iHLS’ business capabilities, knowledge and experience in the security innovation ecosystem, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and MAFA’T, will bring about the creation of a promising and unique innovation center which will yield far-reaching achievements to Israeli innovation.

iHLS will support the startups in business development, penetration to defense and civil markets, networking and investments. Every startup will receive significant support and advising from the best leading mentors in MAF’AT, in addition to guidance and involvement of the defense arms in the project.

The startups that will be selected by a committee of high-level representatives from the innovation center, Ministry of Defense, MAF’AT and IDF arms will be recruited for a four to six-month cycle, and each project will receive the sum of 170,000 NIS upon entrance to the program, in addition to support from the innovation center, Ministry of Defense, MAF’AT and the different IDF Arms.

If you apply to one of the following subjects, submission of applications for INNOFENSE’s third cycle begins on August 1st and ends by September 8th , 2022: 

  • Automatic ability to understand dog language
  • AI technology for Engineering Optimization (machines, electronics, construction, etc.)
  • Machine Reasoning – constructing conclusions from text
  • Natural Language Understanding – understanding the hidden meaning behind natural language
  • Video-To-Text – creating text summaries for videos
  • Out of sight vision/touch analysis
  • Quick and durable sealing of an opening
  • Highly accurate identification based on RF
  • Display methodology – based on screening or holograms for open and closed spaces
  • Cost efficient fusion of detection sensors in harsh environments
  • Expedient cooling – emergency field medicine solution for heat stroke
  • Fast detection of internal bleeding
  • Tactical oxygen concentrator
  • Lightweight sensors for outer space photographing
  • Object extraction in medium resolution
  • Explainable AI – wide ranged solutions for decision-making procedures in artificial intelligence based algorithms
  • Adversarial AI – creating trust in learning machines
  • Supervision and utilization of manpower – inner-organizational trainings and professional worthiness tests for employees, based on type of occupation/profession
  • Technological management for inter-organizational feedback
  • Secured 5G based VPN
  • Protection of mobile applications on an OS level – Trust Zone
  • Digital inspection for construction permits
  • Food – Control and reduction of food loss in IDF
  • Food – Optimization Model for prediction and produce recommendation
  • Distribution – Transportation of goods optimization
  • Infrastructure – Monitoring, command and control of IDF basic infrastructure and transport missions
  • Internal construction (floors, inner walls) mapping without needs for in-building dedicated sensors
  • Identification and mapping of a building’s construction materials
  • Detection of changes in satellite images taken during long periods of time in different conditions: angles, resolution, lighting, time, different satellites
  • Ability to dispense heat in dense microelectronic systems with no external ventilation

Submission of applications for INNOFENSE’s third cycle begins on August 1st and ends by September 8th , 2022 – fill in your startup profile