Researchers Predict That: Robots Will Take Over These 5 Workplaces

Researchers Predict That: Robots Will Take Over These 5 Workplaces

Robots of the future, photo illust. by Pixabay
Robots of the future, photo illust. by Pixabay

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The advancements in technology and rise in developments of artificial intelligence, virtual reality systems and more are sure to have a massive impact on our world. Many of these ripple effects will be advantageous, while some might be more malicious. 

According to, many workers worry about the risks of automation and whether it could mean the end of their employment. The rise of automated skills and roles will sweep up large parts of the workforce in its wake – but it’ll take a little while to do so. There are several sectors that might feel the automation take over effects sooner than others, 5 to be exact. 

First is the customer service industry. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has showcased to many of us that replacing human staff in the service industry was surprisingly easy and efficient in harsh economic times. The less human intervention, the better. However, total replacement is still largely in its early days. 

Retail. Besides the great shift online, seeing us spend far more of our cash on online purchases than in person, we’re also seeing smaller movements that indicate how important automation is going to be to the future of retail. 

Transport. Automation already taking place in the driving seat is a signal of things to come. Transport drivers are one of the groups of workers most at risk of seeing their jobs replaced by automated alternatives because of the great strides already occurring in the field of transport.

Cargo. Loading and unloading shipping containers is partly done by humans and partly by robots, but the robots are winning. As they become more precise and able to understand where to place items, the role of humans in the system becomes less useful, and with it, the risk of automation rises. 

Wait staff. Many restaurants already use robot waiters who deliver food to your table. It’s a prediction of what’s to come for the human staff working alongside them because wait staff in restaurants have been singled out as among the most at-risk group of employees. 

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