New AI Detects Anomalies in Oil and Gas Industry

New AI Detects Anomalies in Oil and Gas Industry

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A US Robotics company is adding new artificial intelligence anomaly detection capabilities to its autonomous Scout System drone. A leading US provider of private wireless data, drone and automated data has announced that the new containment capabilities will enable oil and gas customers to minimize environmental risks, clean-up costs, fines, and litigation expenses. reports that the loss of containment analytics feature will accelerate early detection and location of crude oil leaks before they become critical to customers by providing frequent, autonomous inspections of oil and gas pumpjacks, heater treaters, tanks, pipes, pumps, and more via the autonomous Scout System. Autonomous drones have become a crucial component to ensuring safety and conducting regular inspections within the oil and gas industry.

“On the heels of our announcement of new high-resolution RGB and thermal camera payloads, American Robotics continues to enhance our offerings for current and future customers in the oil and gas industry,” said Reese Mozer, co-founder and CEO of American Robotics. “This analytics feature is the first to be announced from our industry-optimized product roadmap put in place early last year. We have worked closely with our customers to define these requirements on route to fleet deployments, and we are grateful for their partnership.”

A recent Market Research Future report predicted that the market size for drones in the oil and gas industry is projected to be worth over $23 billion by 2027.