Solution to Telecom Fraud Attacks

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Fraud has become an ongoing threat and concern for the telecom industry. Approximately 40B$ are lost annually to fraud in telecoms worldwide, and this number just keeps on rising. There has been a global fight against telecom fraud, especially “robocalls”.

So far, we have not seen a comprehensive and effective solution to dealing with these schemes, but this might be just what we needed. An AI and cloud-based FMS (fraud management system) that eliminates voice fraud attacks in real-time on all inbound and outbound traffic on an operator’s network. This AI Shield uses both machine learning and big data technology to detect and prevent telecom frauds, with a success rate of over 97% in accuracy.

How does the AI Shield function? While utilizing both AI and ML, the system identifies telecom fraud patterns and spots well-disguised attacks early on. With real-time monitoring it detects and alerts or blocks attacks before they strike. This system was developed with over 200 parameters, which mitigates all major fraud times. By helping neutralize frauds in the industry, it saves time and money by stopping fraud in real time. reports that the AI Shield’s engine has been trained on vast volumes of retail and wholesale voice traffic and delivers the highest level of fraud detection accuracy on the market. It is most likely that the AI Shield provides better telecom fraud protection than other FMSs in the industry.

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