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Yes, it is true, the IDF uses Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicles during operational activity. The Israeli Military Censor has recently approved the publishing of this information, that the IDF uses an aerial vehicle, nicknamed “Zik” during most of their targeted assassinations.  

As far as the public is aware, the IDF uses 3 main unmanned vehicles for offense. The Hermes 450, also goes by the title of “Zik”, Hermes 900 (both manufactured by Elbit), and “Eitan” (manufactured by the IAI). The Hermes 450 is a UAV with a small and accurate warhead, in addition to tracking abilities for vehicles in motion, a highly useful ability for assassination operations. 

The publication of this news regarding the IDF’s use of UAVs has removed a layer of fog from the publics eyes, and now it can be revealed that the “Zik”, the advanced aerial vehicle capable of carrying missiles, has been used for years during most of the IDF’s targeted assassination efforts in the Gaza Strip and other areas. The main reasons for using the “Zik ” is its small size, its warhead that does not cause damage to the environment, and its advanced abilities to track vehicles on the move. 

“During administrative work, the Israeli Military Censor had examined the field of attack UAVs in an extensive manner, and it was found that there is no reason to block publications regarding the usage of such devices by the IDF for its operational activities” reports say. “Of course, without causing any harm to the operational abilities or the operational methods of the IDF”. reports that although the aircraft has been in use for many years, the decision to not announce its use was due to the need to safekeep Israel’s capabilities. The latest use of the “Zik” was carried out on July 19th, with an attack on a Gaza Strip station, as a response to shootings aimed at Israel. Furthermore, the vehicle is also used in the “knock on the door” procedure, in order to evacuate innocent citizens from targeted areas. 

The attack UAV field is constantly expanding, especially in the military world. The modern battlefield requires a tight grip on the intelligence of surrounding areas and advanced situational awareness. The unmanned vehicles take part in reconnaissance, tracking and assassination mission, all the while keep soldiers away from possible danger.