How To Neutralize Illegal Drones Near Wildfires? We Have a Solution

Wildfire. image by pixabay

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One rogue drone is all it takes to halt the operations of an entire firefighter squad and cause wildfire to spread. The Los Angeles Fire Department and the FBI have partnered up to develop a program to cease the activity of these drones. 

Why do firefighters must halt their aerial assault when faced with an unauthorized drone?  The main reason is that they have no idea what the intention of the operator is, and so legally, all effort must stop. This causes the wildfire to grow and continue racking havoc on the surrounding areas, becoming more dangerous by the second. 

The city of LA has offered a solution, a special sensor that can detect rogue drones and send notifications if the drone flies into unauthorized areas. The officers immediately receive precise details such as elevation, direction, speed, point of takeoff and where the operator is currently standing, reports 

This allows law enforcement to contact the offender and press charges if needed.