Iranian Cyber Attack on Israel’s Water Supply Prevented

Iranian Cyber Attack on Israel’s Water Supply Prevented

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Israeli forces thwarted an Iranian cyber-attack that sought to cripple computers and raise the levels of chlorine in Israeli civilian water to a life-threatening level. If this attack would have been successful, this could have poisoned and/or killed hundreds of Israeli civilians. Israeli officials reported that the attack was quickly detected and defeated, preventing the potential harm to water supplies. 

The Iranian regime made a dangerous attempt to poison the Israeli water supply with the nefarious goal of killing hundreds and thousands of Israeli citizens. According to, the Iranian regime has also attempted to carry out similar attacks in the United States, targeting the Capitol as well as large army garrisons. argues that the other alternative to this attack is that the high chlorine levels in the water could have triggered an automatic shutdown of the system, meaning that thousands of Israelis could have potentially been left without water during the scorching summer heat. Not a better scenario by any means.  

This is the first time that Israel has successfully prevented an Iranian cyber-attack on its infrastructure, but Israeli officers are still unsure whether this attack was fully prevented. “It was more complicated than we initially thought,” they said.

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