New Machine Gun To Shoot Down Your Drone

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A new counter UAV system has been recently tested in Poland. The YouTube channel of the manufacturer Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów has published a video of its recent test of an anti-drone / counter UAV system, built on the RADA multifunction radar and the Browning-type 12.7mm WKLM machine gun. While viewing the video, it is clear that the “targets” of the new Polish system were civilian drones, as well as at least one drone in a fixed-wing configuration.



The polish website reports that the RADA radar has the ability to not only track larger aircraft objects, but also those of the “nano” class or the so-called micro-objects. Depending on the size of the unmanned aerial vehicle, the radar has a different range: if the drone is from a nano class, the radar “catches” it up to 3 km, if it is a micro, up to 5 km, and a mini class drone is detected at a distance of at least 10 km.


According to The 12.7mm WKLM machine gun, to which this new system was attached, is a Browning-type. It can make 3600 shots in one minute. The machine gun is connected to both radar and visual and thermal imaging cameras, as well as a laser rangefinder that can automatically point the weapon system if the radar detects a drone 10 km away. 


In addition to all of its perks, it can also be controlled remotely. How? The weapon system itself has an operator station that allows the entire system to be controlled from a distance. According to various experts, it can also easily be used as a short-range air defense system. 


Often the goal of these types of weapon stations, such as the one seen above, is to provide a defense. They strive to protect facilities, buildings, certain sites of strategic national importance, data or communication centers, etc.


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