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In today’s defense industry, computing capabilities, software, wireless systems and advanced technologies are used to transform cyber security vulnerabilities into actions that become significant in impact by processing and learning from cyber security databases. 

Consequently, Peter Beling, a professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems at Virginia Tech, believes future professionals should be prepared by developing a broader view of these weaknesses, addressing them appropriately, and leveraging data to improve performance, as reported on 

Multidisciplinary researchers gather to establish a virtual institute for training the next generation of cyber security experts and providing them with the qualifications to fill key positions in the military and civilian sectors. Researchers from the University of Florida International and the University at Albany will lead this new Virtual Institute, now called the Virtual Institute of Cyber Operation and Research (VICOR).

Through the institute, the U.S. Department of Defense intends to promote the VICEROY initiative and establish a cyber institute in collaboration with higher education institutions throughout the country. With the support of the Friffiss Institute, a technology accelerator for the Department of Defense and an international network of academic, government and industry partners, the initiative aims to prepare the next generation of cyber professionals.

According to, the institute will hold an annual research conference for students and require them to participate in seminars on cyber security.

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