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The U.S. Navy has wrongly framed cyber security for years, but is now formulating a new approach consistent with the pace and technological advancements of today: Cyber security is to be considered from the perspective of military readiness under the new approach. With a wider concept, cyber management takes into account a variety of options and ensures more accurate field performance. 

Cyberattacks on US infrastructure and private companies are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, prompting officials to improve the Department of Defense’s remote work infrastructure, which attracts the attention of rivals. Access can become a target when there are those who seek sensitive information. Indeed, in the past hackers have exploited vulnerabilities in both military and private networks to extract and steal information and spread malware. reported that a cyberattack attributed to China led to the hacking of a U.S. Navy official’s computer and to the leak of sensitive information about a ship-to-ship missile project in early 2018. Various events, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the formation of a coalition imposing sanctions on Russia, require securing the proper conditions so that a leak or breach from one user will not harm a global network. 

Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, Vice Admiral Jeffrey Trussler, asserted recently that he expects the U.S. Navy to formulate a new approach to dealing with such threats, to ensure maximum security of information and to continue to lead the operational and defensive activities of U.S. forces.

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