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M2NS (Maritime Mine Neutralization System), RE2’s underwater robot, and a project led by the United States Navy’s Office of Naval Research (ONR), is capable of carrying out security missions, has defensive capabilities, and can even track and maintain complex facilities at a depth of 1000 meters underwater.

The vehicle comprises RE2 Sapien Sea Class robot arms mounted on VideoRay’s Defender inspection-class remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Additionally, the robot is equipped with additional RE2 systems capable of precise, autonomous, and clandestine neutralizations.

An autonomous M2NS robot completed four successful dives in the Pacific Ocean at an unprecedented depth of more than 1,000 meters during recent testing. The human teams monitored the system’s activity and intervened whenever necessary with corrections. Additionally, the dive demonstrated the robustness of the system, since all its electronic components continued to function properly.

The developer team says it plans to utilize advanced ROV wireless depths for the following tests, in partnership with OceanComm Inc., a firm offering underwater wireless communication systems that will integrate its acoustic modem technology for future dives.