A Man’s Best Friend – Even In The Heat of Battle

A Man’s Best Friend – Even In The Heat of Battle

Dog;. image by pixabay

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One of Singapore’s largest technology companies is experimenting with soldiers and robot dogs cooperating during combat missions. ST Engineering plans to upgrade the Vision 60 robot created by Ghost Robotics, an American robotics firm. Even though the robots are not yet ready for combat, scientists in Singapore are coming up with a strategy to make it possible for them to accompany soldiers and especially keep them away from front-line dangers.

To ensure that the four-legged robot can assist soldiers in combat, the Singaporean company will study a number of ways to integrate software technologies, sensors, and remote controls into the system.

With the understanding that more advanced sensors would enable robots to move around easily, the possibility of adding lidar sensors (which use a laser beam to detect objects) is being explored as part of the program. As well as enabling robots to detect obstacles, they will also be able to move almost as easily as a dog, in open spaces as well as very small spaces, allowing them to maneuver more accurately. Moreover, the researchers are exploring the possibility of integrating gesture response, vocal cues, and eye movements into the robot, thus improving communication between the robot dogs and soldiers during various missions.

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