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One of the S&P 500 companies in Southern California has welcomed a new employee – a robot that will be patrolling and securing an 19.5 acre distribution center spread across 970,000 square feet.

The K5 Autonomous Security Robot is an autonomous robot from the US-based company Knightscope. According to, the robot is able to protect large areas such as employee parking lots and identify suspicious or criminal activity, thereby reducing personnel costs and enhancing overall security.

Besides being able to operate 24/7 autonomously, the K5 is able to charge itself independently without requiring any human assistance. It is ideal for securing large open spaces. The security robot underwent over a million hours of field testing during its three-year development cycle.

The company also provides an operating system for security that allows human control, live sharing of massive amounts of real-time data, so that places where people work, study, and visit can be better secured.