UK Sends Missile Defense System in Poland

Photo illust. Iron Dome by IDF Flickr, Wikimedia

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has accelerated the global arms race and prompted neighboring countries to raise their military readiness and defense systems. As part of a broader NATO initiative to assist its European members, Poland will receive a new Iron Dome-based air defense system.

The Sky Sabre system uses the technology behind Israel’s pioneering Iron Dome mobile air defense system that was acquired by Britain in a  £ 78 million contract in 2017. It’s capable of intercepting short-range rockets and artillery shells.

BMC4I is a command and control system jointly developed by Rafael and mPrest, built as part of the British air defense system. Approximately 100 crew members and operations personnel will arrive in Poland later this month to deploy and operate the British air defense system, which is currently only operating in the South Atlantic region. This system consists of a Saab Giraffe radar, Sky Saber missiles, and a command and control system.

The combination of technologies enables the coordination and analysis of data collected from different sensors in real time, as well as the generation of an interception plan based on the threat classification and situation assessment. As a multi-layered, multi-range system, it enhances air defense capability against a wide array of missiles.