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Russia-Ukraine’s war has accelerated the European arms race, resulting in a growing demand for missiles, UAVs, and other US-made weapon systems in Europe.

There has been recent reporting that Germany may be interested in purchasing ballistic missile defense systems. Lockheed Martin’s F-35s will replace the current models (Panavia Tornados) until 2030, according to a recent announcement. The Polish government is also reportedly planning to buy MQ-9 series UAVs from General Atomics. reports that other Eastern European countries have also expressed interest in purchasing Stinger missiles from Raytheon, Javelin anti-tank missiles from Lockheed and Raytheon, and other weapons that the Ukrainian army is currently using in warfare with Russian forces.

The U.S Department of Defense, aware that the sale of American weapons to foreign nations requires special approval, has decided to accelerate the approval processes necessary to advance sales and transactions to its allies following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.