Using Robotics, Software, and AI: New Robot Detects Infrastructure Damage

photo illustr. power infrastructure form pixabay
photo illustr. power infrastructure form pixabay

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In recent years, robotics, software, and artificial intelligence have assisted in improving the ability of devices to effectively test, protect, and maintain vital infrastructure. Gecko Robotic, an American firm that provides infrastructure protection systems with the help of robotics, has developed a new robot that can help in the care, maintenance, and preservation of infrastructure.

Robotics and software were combined to invent a product that could detect cracks and other problems in various types of buildings and spaces. The technology was developed to inspect industrial structures such as oil and gas pipelines, power plants, manufacturing plants, and defense structures. Applications of this technology are endless, ranging from pipe inspections in local infrastructure systems to physical defect detection on ships and tanks.

Attached to the structure and powered remotely, the new robot scans it thoroughly.

According to, The system is designed to scale structures under extremely challenging conditions. With the robots’ advanced vision systems, they can spot damage that is often too subtle for a human to see, and Gecko’s software helps determine where potential problems may lie. Take a look at the video.