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Ukraine has been using a small, re-deployable drone to carry out scores of successful missions against the Russian forces. The drones can carry 3kg of explosives and hit targets up to 30 miles behind enemy lines.

The “game-changing” Punisher drones completed up to 60 “successful” missions since the Russian invasion began, as Eugene Bulatsev, an engineer with the Ukrainian designer UA-Dynamics, told The Times of London.

The electric drones have a 7.5-foot wingspan and can fly for hours at 1,300ft and need only the coordinates of their target so they can carry out their mission automatically, Bulatsev said. 

The drones are the result of six years of work by Ukraine’s military engineers.

A smaller reconnaissance drone called Spectre flies alongside to identify targets before the Punisher strikes, according to The main targets were stationary, including fuel and ammunition storage, electronic and counter-electronic warfare stations, and anti-air systems.

Different units in the Ukrainian military are using drones, but the number and the locations are classified, Bulatsev said.

Along with the Punisher drones, the Ukrainian military is also using around 20 of the highly-rated Bayraktar TB2 drones from Turkey.