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The IDF has unveiled that two UAVs were intercepted by “Adir” fighter jets on their way from Iran to Israel during March 2021. Last night, IDF Spokesman said UAV intercepts were conducted in coordination with neighboring countries, preventing intrusion into Israel. While in flight to Israel, UAVs were monitored by Israeli detection systems.

Israel is seeing a growing need to prepare for the latest developments in the field of UAVs as Iran continues to develop its work in the field.

IDF assessment, according to, is that it is likely another attempt by the Iranians to establish an automated smuggling infrastructure in the Gaza Strip to facilitate the future transfer of significant weapons.

A drone which penetrated Israeli territory from the Lebanese border caused alarm in the north last February, according to The small aircraft returned unescorted to Lebanese territory after an unsuccessful interception attempt by the IDF. Immediately after the incident, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah claimed that Lebanon, backed by Iran, had been developing unmanned aircraft for a while, and had even offered them for marketing.