Advanced Software and AR goggles: New Technology in the U.S. Army

Advanced Software and AR goggles: New Technology in the U.S. Army

electromagnetic spectrum, Photo illus. soldiers by US National Archives

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In the weeks following Senate approval, the new U.S. military procurement official examined U.S. military procurement methods, recruitment strategies, and service plans closely.

The new procurement, logistics, and technology secretary, who has been in office since March 2021, will oversee the modernization program for the service, which includes a variety of new technology systems.

Earlier this month, reported that Bush intends to prioritize modernization of the service and identify areas where improvements can be made. Likewise, he provided an update on the Integrated Visual Augmentation System being developed by the U.S. military, as well as an announcement that work on the Common Tactical Truck, a tactical protected truck in military development, had been suspended.

Software and Budgeting: In his speech, Bush said that improving software capabilities for the military was his top priority. According to him, the military should make use of new software purchases and speed up the legislative process.

Cyberspace capabilities: Bush added that he wants the military to conduct cyber tests at the early stages of the procurement process in order to improve the operational testing of various software in preparation for actual cyber attacks by hackers. Specifically, Bush cited simulation and cyber as two main areas in which the U.S. military could improve its ability to perform testing, work collaboratively with software testing teams, etc.

In March 2021, the military announced its $ 22 billion, collaborative program with Microsoft to adopt the use of augmented reality goggles in the context of military operations. Due to delays, the program’s review has been pushed back to September this year. The ambitious IVAS program is expected to begin operating as early as 2023.

Common Tactical Truck program: “Minimal” delays have been reported in the Common Tactical Truck program, according to Bush. He explained that internal discussions are currently underway on the subject, and new updates will be released soon.