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Could robot dogs be patrolling the US – Mexico border? Apparently so!

Without a head and weighing around 45 kg: The US Department of Homeland Security will install robot dogs, technically known as autonomous ground surveillance vehicles (AGSV), near El Paso, Texas, in the hopes that they would one day be utilized by border officers on the US-Mexico border.

“The Southern Border might be a dangerous place for both man and animal. That’s exactly why a machine can perform this job well,” said Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate program manager, Brenda Long.

They are equipped with a video camera known as a “charger”. These dogs are able to navigate difficult terrain, move between narrow spaces and deal with high temperatures and low oxygen levels – conditions that are difficult for Border Police officers to deal with. They still have limitations, however.

Currently, the robotic dogs use batteries, which means they can only operate for about four hours before they need to be recharged. Furthermore, the machines are unable to make arrests, but they can film and document evidence in the field and transmit it to headquarters immediately. Ghost Robotics, which specializes in AGSVs, developed and tested the technology.

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