Offensive Cyber – the Experts View

Offensive Cyber – the Experts View

photo illus. cybersecurity by Pixabay

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Allegations that Israeli police use NSO’s Pegasus spyware to remotely hack phones of Israeli citizens, control them and extract information from them, as revealed by, have aroused ethical and practical questions regarding the nature of offensive cyber, its advantages, and limits.

A special discussion panel on the ethics of the sale of offensive cyber and intelligence tools was held at the iHLS INNOTECH international conference on cyber, HLS and innovation last November.

Watch this intriguing panel discussion attended by Israel’s leading cyber experts: 

  • Chairman Guy Mizrahi, serial entrepreneur and cyber expert. Chairman of the conference’s cyber session.
  • Eugene Sherman, Deputy CEO & CTO, AllStars IT
  • Avi Yariv , a cyber, intelligence and HLS expert
  • Iftach Ian Amit, Chief Security Officer, Cimpress
  • Inbar Raz, VP of Research, Hunters

Interested in cyber, HLS and innovation? Attend INNOTECH 2022 on November 2-3, 2022 at Expo Tel Aviv, pavilion 2