Israeli DDR&D Signs Technological Cooperation Agreement with Public Security Ministry


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The Israeli Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Research and Development (DDR&D, or MAFAT) has signed a technological cooperation agreement with the Public Security Ministry.

The agreement will promote dual-use projects in both the defense and civil areas. MAFAT will assist the ministry in bridging technological operational gaps in areas such as reducing crime, locating weapons, using drones and more.

Some of the projects have already been used during Operation Guardian of the Walls in May.

The agreement includes the Israel Police, Fire and Rescue Service, and Prison Service.

MAFAT head Brig.-Gen. (Res.) Danny Gold: “The cooperation with the Public Security Ministry will promote research and development of dual-use technologies that will directly help deal with security challenges.” “The cooperation and exchange of knowledge with the civilian sector are a win-win for all parties,” he said. “Investing in dual-use technologies will yield changes for the defense establishment and will propel Israeli high-tech forward.”

Public Security Ministry Director-General Tomer Lotan welcomed the signing of “a unique strategic agreement” in the field of technology between the two bodies. “The direction that the ministry is leading is to focus on promoting research and technological development and then to have them absorbed among the internal security bodies in Israel,” he said, adding that the deal shows “the important place of the world of internal security in the concept of Israel’s national security.”