Forthcoming: Smart Fire Control System 

Forthcoming: Smart Fire Control System 

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Computing capabilities are now available for tactical firearms. A new weapon system will turn any rifle of any caliber with a low power variable optic scope (LPVO) into a computer-aimed weapon system. The smart optic will continuously provide firing data and maintain an updated round count, according to

The X4-FCS fire control system unveiled by the companies Maztech and Magpul is an integrated auto-calculated ballistics mount for any caliber. The mount provides real-time ballistic calculations using temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude, pitch, roll, and heading. Combining these parameters with user-supplied bullet and firearm data, the system generates a precision ballistic compensated offset reticle, according to

The system consists of an optic mount, a laser aiming module, a round counter built into the rifle pistol grip, a rail-mounted round count display, a control keypad, and specialized digital magazines that feed the system information on how many rounds each mag contains. 

The optic mount places an overlay display in front of any LPVO optic scope to project relevant firing data completely independent of the optic’s etched crosshair. This mount supports any LPVO that has a tube diameter of 30mm or 34mm and is completely agnostic of your optical zero.

The system weighs 590 g without the LPVO and batteries. Connectivity is achieved through Bluetooth, Near-Field Communication, and Ultra-Wide Band, and can also be disabled.

The system’s expected availability will be Q4 2022.