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Following the recent drone attacks on the UAE (United Arab Emirates), the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) was used for the first time in combat conditions to intercept drones and missiles.

The attacks on January 17, 2022, that killed three people and injured six more, was attributed to a combination of ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as drones launched by the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The THAAD “brought down a ballistic missile during its first recorded successful operational use, in the hands of the United Arab Emirates,” as reported by THAAD is an American-made anti-ballistic missile defense system designed to shoot down short-, medium-, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase (descent or reentry) by intercepting with a hit-to-kill approach, that delivers their destructive power by hitting the target at high velocity and do not contain an explosive warhead, according to The American THAAD air defense missile system is in service with the UAE armed forces since 2015. 

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