Advanced Upgrade in Remote Weapon Platform

Advanced Upgrade in Remote Weapon Platform

Photo illus. soldiers by US National Archives
US Army (USA) Soldiers from Alpha (A) Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment (Mechanized), Fort Stewart, Georgia (GA), armed with 5.56 mm M-4 Carbines and a FNMI 7.62 mm M240B machine gun, secure an island during an island clearing mission on the Tigris River north of Samarra, during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

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Turkish defense manufacturer Aselsan configured its Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform (SARP) to fire the ATOM 40mm high-velocity airburst grenade, after completing integration and test-firing activities against static targets in June 2021.

The 40mm ATOM grenade broadly resembles the in-service 35mm ATOM, but offers a kinetic attack capability against small UASs with a time-programmable fuse, according to

The 40mm ATOM grenade launcher can be integrated into all of the approximately 2,500 SARP remote weapons stations in use with the Turkish armed forces, according to the company.

SARP is a remotely operated stabilized weapon platform for small and medium caliber machine guns and automatic grenade launchers. The platform combines high-precision reconnaissance and engagement capabilities with effective firepower while keeping the operator under armor or in a safe area away from counter fire. 

The compact design of the system enables its integration onto tactical vehicles, fixed surveillance posts and towers. Stabilization, automatic target tracking and advanced ballistic computation features provide fire-on-the-move capability against stationary and moving targets.