Self-Protection System Capable Of Detecting Danger

Self-Protection System Capable Of Detecting Danger

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Hensoldt is expanding the performance of its MUSS (Multifunctional Self-Protection System) self-protection system for armored vehicles in order to detect and ward off additional, newly emerging threats. The new development will be optimized in size, weight, and the number of assemblies. At the same time, missile, projectile, and laser detection capabilities are to be doubled.

In the future, the technology will also detect second-generation laser rangefinders. The sensor heads also detect laser beam riders, which are used to control guided missiles. With the help of the new laser rider, not only the directional resolution but also the threat identification capability is increased. 

Due to the increased computing power of the central unit, additional missile and projectile threats can be detected as well as new applications such as HFI (Hostile Fire Indication) can be implemented. 

The interfaces were expanded to include the NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) in order to be able to port MUSS 2.0 to other platforms in a short time.

With the second generation “MUSS”, the platform will be marketed as a soft kill also for medium armored troop vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles and battle tanks. Over the past eight years, more than 350 assembly kits for the first batch of the PUMA infantry fighting vehicle have already been delivered from the first-generation MUSS. 

A MUSS system comprises four warning sensors, a central unit, an IR jammer and a directional smoke launcher with control electronics. The warning sensor detects approaching missiles and laser beams directed at the vehicle. The central unit then triggers infrared measures to interfere with the missile control and/or pyrotechnical countermeasures.

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