Small Arms Simulation Technology Unveiled

Small Arms Simulation Technology Unveiled

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An augmented reality training platform unveiled recently enables exercising troops to see enemies and engage them with small arms fire.

SRCE, developed by InVeris Training Solutions, is an AR-based, untethered weapons training simulator that includes real-time location, movement, orientation and bio-signal sensing.

Critical, use-of-force training can now occur at the point of need or anywhere in the world. The complete immersive technology delivers a way to see, rehearse and collectively experience techniques, tactics and procedures for training and operations. 

The platform allows up to four participants to train with simulated weapons and tactical gear that possess a high degree of physical fidelity in form, fit and function — which reinforces muscle memory for live field action.

Training performance data is delivered immediately, allowing trainers and trainees to see the after-action review (AAR) in real-time, according to the company.