3D Printing Technology Supports Mine Clearing Mission

Photo illustration Wikimedia
3d printer

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Marines recently used 3D printing technology to make a head cap for the rocket motor on a key mine-clearing device that was later operated successfully.

The program manager for ammunition at Marine Corps Systems Command printed the head cap, for use on the M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge, or MICLIC.

The MICLIC uses a rocket-projected explosive line charge that clears lanes for advancing Marines. The head cap is part of the system’s rocket motor that propels and explodes the line charge.

It blows a nearly 9-yard wide by 110-yard long lane through obstacles, especially land mines.

The Corps has used the M58 MICLIC for years. By printing the head cap, developers hope to give a remote solution for making parts but also save time and money. The way that manufacturers build the head cap is “both timely and costly,” said the officer in charge, according to marinecorpstimes.com.