Advanced Drone Used by UK’s Elite Unit

Photo illustration Wikimedia US DoD
ILOPANGO, El Salvador – A Costa Rican special operations member engages targets June 18, 2011 at the Critical Tasks Evaluation event of Fuerzas Comando 2011 at the Shangallo Range here. Fuerzas Comando, established in 2004, is a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored special operations skills competition and senior leader seminar which is conducted annually in Central and Southern America and the Caribbean. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Luke Rollins)

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A UK elite unit was equipped with advanced drone technology when responding to the suicide bombing incident in Liverpool on November 14.

A taxi driver apparently locked a suicide bomber in his car after spotting explosives before a blast ripped through the vehicle outside a maternity hospital in Liverpool.

A heavily armed operator from the SAS’s counter-terror squad was seen in pictures in tactical gear and armed with a powerful automatic rifle as the regiment stormed properties in Liverpool after the suicide bomb attack.

The special forces operatives utilized new drone technology that is equipped with in-built electronic security to neutralize any remote-controlled improvised explosive device (IED), according to MailOnline.  

The SAS were summoned to head-up the anti-terror raids in the city amid fears there were other jihadist-sympathizers operating with the perpetrator 

Part of the elite unit’s training, honed in Afghanistan, sees them work to eliminate potential threats before they have a chance to detonate their explosive devices. 

Techniques utilized for combat in the Middle Eastern theatre include using ladders to scale walls rather than using potentially boobytrapped main entrances or doors, according to