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Cybersecurity and coping with cyber incidents are among the major and most relevant themes at the INNOTECH 2021 international conference and exhibition on cyber, HLS and innovation, organized by iHLS at EXPO Tel Aviv, Pavilion 2, on Nov. 17-18, 2021.


Ness Cyber Control, Ness’ cyber defense and cybersecurity organization, is one of many companies that will be showcasing cutting-edge technologies in this field.

At Ness Cyber Control it is clear to everyone that you can not prepare in advance for each and every incident, but you certainly can and must prepare for the next cyberattack!

Based on that concept, Cyber Control offers organizations of any size, from startups to large enterprises, a wide range of solutions and service packages for cyber defense and cybersecurity, offering full flexibility and modularity: From consultancy and support to chief information security officers, through the provision of training and simulation for management teams for better organizational preparedness, up to the implementation of identification processes, advanced investigations, and complete response processes, as part of the company’s managed services.

These service packages and solutions are customized according to the changing needs of the organization – current infrastructure, regulation and standards, and risks and response to business needs, providing custom-made cyber coverage to any organization and for any requirement.

Elazar Biro, Director, Ness Cyber Control, will participate in the Identification and Response to Cyber Threats panel discussion at INNOTECH on November 17: “The current abundance of threats against organizations requires from the organizational cyber defense and security officers a more thorough approach towards more complex defenses. We at Ness Cyber Control believe that it is imperative that the whole cyber defense array should be based on three pillars: Technology, people, and processes. These can be provided as managed services. This model, which is Cyber Control’s field of expertise, certainly leads organizations to full preparedness and readiness and enables any organization at any size to cut the response-to-attack time – a critical dimension.”


Keynote Addresses: 

  • Israel Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett 
  • Israel Min. of Communications  
  • Israel Min. of Innovation, Science and Technology 
  • Executive Director, Israel National CERT, Israel National Cyber Directorate
  • Director-General, Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry
  • Director of National Cyber Security Center under Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Lithuania

Leading experts will participate in dozens of intriguing panel discussions on major aspects of Cyber, HLS, and Innovation.  See agenda 


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