Security Challenge – Glasgow Climate Change Conference

Security Challenge – Glasgow Climate Change Conference

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Some 10,000 police officers are being deployed each day in Glasgow during the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), one of the UK’s largest security operations ever, attended by world leaders.

Police Scotland equipped its armed officers with Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras ahead of the event. The camera, supplied by Motorola Solutions, can be mounted on either an officer’s body armor or hat and captures both live video and audio during an incident.

The Scottish Police Authority said the use of BWV is common across UK policing and “there was very good evidence of the benefits associated with its use including reduced public harm and increased efficiency in the criminal justice system,” according to

Specially-trained officers equipped with advanced counter-drone systems are expected to bring down rogue drones using electromagnetic pulses.

The extensive £100 million policing operation involves local policing officers from each of Scotland’s 13 divisions and specialist resources, including firearms officers, dog handlers, mounted branch, search teams and the marine unit, according to A ring of steel is being built around the conference site in order to protect the participants from potential disruption from protesters.

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