Drone Network – New Player at Healthcare Logistics

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In an effort designed to enhance access to healthcare services in rural parts of the UK, a first-of-its-kind drone distribution network is under development.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, Canada, donor lungs for transplant were delivered by drone by Unither Bioelectronics in a first-of-its-kind operation, as part of a larger vision for aerial organ transport.

In Scotland, the Care & Equity-Healthcare Logistics UAS Scotland (CAELUS) consortium is working to develop the network, leveraging drones to transport essential medicine, organs, blood and other medical supplies throughout Scotland. The project kicked off last December and will eventually involve live autonomous drone flights. 

The group will need to develop ground infrastructure to recharge the drones and the systems that control them while in flight, as well as create pathways to ensure drones and civil aircraft can safely share the same airspace. Public safety, security and noise levels are also important considerations, as reported by insideunmannedsystems.com. 

The framework of the group’s Drone Logistics Network, system-of-systems digital demonstrator will include digital representations of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the UAS Traffic Management (UTM) simulator, the energy system infrastructure, fleet management and medical order fulfilment software, providing the foundation for a digital twin for medical drone deliveries in Scotland.