Hundreds of Millions Were Affected by Breach to Leading Network

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125,698,496 people were pawned in the LinkedIn Scraped Data data breach during the first half of 2021, according to website. Attackers scraped data from hundreds of millions of public profiles and later sold them online. 

Linkedin announced that whilst the scraping did not constitute a data breach nor did it access any personal data not intended to be publicly accessible, the data was still monetized and later broadly circulated in hacking circles. 

The scraped data contains approximately 400M records with 125M unique email addresses, as well as names, geographic locations, genders, and job titles. 

Whilst the breach occurred in April, sometimes there can be a lengthy lead time of months or even years before the data is disclosed publicly. 

What can you do in order to protect your data? suggests 2 Steps to better password security:

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 2: Enable 2-factor authentication and store the codes inside your password manager account

You can also run a search for breaches of your email address again at any time to get a complete list of sites where your account has been compromised.