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A new vehicle for first responder and emergency missions: Mercedes-Benz has recently launched its new G-Class model series 464 as a vehicle for Rescue and Special Operations claiming it ensures maximum mobility under the most difficult conditions. 

A very robust off-road vehicle, the new G-Class model ensures the availability and security of personnel in extremely demanding peacekeeping and security missions, as the G-Class series has proved itself over decades, even in extreme and almost impassable terrain.

The new model cannot be homologated for civilian customers, as it lacks several safety components like airbags, inside door protections, etc., according to

The new model is equipped with enhanced off-road and on-road performance, combined with new features such as the Emergency Override Switch for emergency situations. 

While keeping all the assets of the initial 461 model, the new model offers important innovations to help emergency crews with the successful completion of their tasks.

The key to its on-road and off-road mobility is a powerful new common-rail turbo Diesel engine with more power (183 kW/249 hp) and increased torque (600 Nm) that consumes less fuel despite increased performance. 

Specific technical equipment already integrated ex-factory includes the 24-Volt onboard electrical system for power supply, LED and military-type blackout lighting, infrared light, and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) protection in accordance with recognized standards. The latter helps optimize the emission of electromagnetic interference and the vehicle’s immunity to such interference with respect to the electrical installations installed by the customer.