South Korea is Developing Stealth Drone

South Korea is Developing Stealth Drone

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South Korea is developing stealth technology for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Its Agency for Defense Development (ADD) revealed that key technologies for minimizing a drone’s radar cross-section, such as “aerial structure design” and “flight control algorithms,” have been developed, reported. 

The development is expected to accelerate the stealthy Kaori-X UAV demonstrator that was unveiled by the ADD in August 2020.

The ADD had been developing the tailless drone for five years, and the latest achievements have been validated through tests. According to Aju Daily, the developers have used the same “polymer-based” material in the drone as that used in manned stealth aircraft.

The developers have also test-flown a smaller version of the aircraft multiple times to verify its flight control algorithms, reports

South Korea has been accelerating the development of unmanned aerial capabilities. In March, Israel and South Korea signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding cooperation in the field of unmanned airborne intelligence, surveillance, targeting, and reconnaissance (ISTAR). The MOU was signed between Elbit Systems and Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI).