Watch: Successful Demonstration of Maritime Intelligence Tech

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Advanced maritime information technology was demonstrated successfully in an unmanned aerial vehicle. The trials demonstrated how a navy warship can benefit from the intelligence gathered over an extended operating range, to prevail in a maritime or littoral operation.

Thales and Schiebel have delivered a comprehensive maritime sensor suite to be fitted to the CAMCOPTER S-100 VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle during UK flight trials in August 2021. The S-100 has been fitted with an integrated sensor suite comprising of the Thales I-Master radar operating with maritime modes, the IAI POP ULTRA EO/IR sensor pod, and more.

The sensor suite data was fused together using the CarteNav AIMS Mission System to provide wide-area radar coverage to compliment a ship’s radar, and rapid identification by dynamic tasking to position the platform for imagery/video evidence. 

Intelligence was delivered into the Thales TACTICOS Combat Mission System.

The trials demonstrated a proven intelligence capability to extend the operating reach of a ship’s sensor suite that can be operated for both military and civil, according to Thales’ website.

The S-100 has been delivering mission success for multiple customers around the world at sea and on land, by day and night, and in adverse weather conditions. Over the last 15 years, this rotary-wing UAV has completed over 2,000 deck landings onto a wide variety of single-spot sea-going vessels.