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 Advanced systems for defending large sea areas and prevention of infiltration of caewunauthorized aircraft and vessels will be displayed this month by IAI in two exhibitions at the ends of the worlds – in Lima, Peru, and in Singapore.

 The intelligence warning G550 airplane will be displayed at SITDEF (international defense and prevention of natural disasters) in Lima, Peru (May 15-19). The radar and communication systems onboard the aircraft enable an intelligence warning and location of vehicles at any height of flight, over any type of land surface and at any weather. The intelligence data and situation picture are transferred to the sea and air command and control centers. 

These solutions of IAI and Elta are being operated by customers all over the world for the purposes of Homeland Security (HLS), day and night sea and air patrols for location of infiltration of unauthorized aircraft and vessels, prevention of penetrations for criminal purposes and prevention of danger to inhabitants of populated areas.

The Italian airforce has purchased such an airplane with a ground support system and logistics package in 2012, within the contract between the governments of Israel and Italy. The G550 has been operational at the Israeli Airforce since 2008.

EEZIn Singapore the IAI will showcase a range of its maritime solutions at the IMDAX exhibition (May 14-16). The IAI presentation will be centered on the EEZ system, developed by Elta for intelligence coverage of vast sea areas. The system is based on sensors operating in the air, in land areas, onboard vessels and aircraft, and also in space. All the sensors are interconnected by means of a command and communication network in order to enable providing an intelligence situation display, reconnaissance activity for collection of intelligence and optimal usage of intelligence information.

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