Heron UAV Operated During Wildfire Disaster in Greece


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Wildfires pose a complex challenge to first responders who often lack the whole picture of the disaster or need real-time information about the focus of the fire.

An Israeli unmanned aerial technology has been supporting Greece in the fight against the massive forest fire that ravaged the country this week.

Heron unmanned aerial vehicle developed and manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and which is part of the Greek army fleet has been flying over the fire providing situational awareness to support first responder teams operating at the site, according to IAI’s announcement. 

The Heron system, equipped with both day and night activity platforms, maritime patrol radars and satellite communications, offers extended operational endurance in a wide range of scenarios including maritime patrol, marine and land border protection, search and rescue, disaster management and more. 

The system is operational in the IDF and naval forces around the world and has already demonstrated its capabilities in Greece as well.

More than 20 countries in Europe and the Mideast have responded to Greece’s call for help, sending aircraft, helicopters, vehicles and manpower.