Google Set to Support US Air Force

Google Set to Support US Air Force

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Aircraft maintenance requires a considerable amount of data shared by many stakeholders. Google Cloud will help the US Air Force optimize maintenance readiness, increase staff productivity and reduce costs.

The Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) will join forces with Google Cloud to build an open, agile and globally scalable system for aircraft maintenance.

Project Lighthouse simplifies digital technology integration and is expected to accelerate the innovation cycle to make aircraft maintenance more responsive, efficient, and cost-effective.

This new aircraft maintenance system will provide seamless integration for all Air Force technology providers, including those delivering predictive maintenance software, manufacturing robotics and augmented reality headsets, and other hardware. 

The project will be powered by Google Cloud’s API management platform Apigee and managed application platform Anthos. 

The aircraft maintenance system will be prototyped, validated, and tested for scalability within the Air Force’s technology environment before it is launched.

“The technology enables rapid integration of RSO’s pipeline of technologies within a single ecosystem,” said Allen McCormick, chief of strategic communications and engagement at RSO. “Imagine a maintainer using a point of maintenance data capture system linked with an augmented reality headset during hands-on maintenance, feeding leadership with situational awareness of the squadron’s mission capability, and allowing for live data synchronization with legacy maintenance systems. Traditionally this would be accomplished by multiple radio calls, manual data entry, and lots and lots of paper. This technology enables that capability in real time with as little redundant manual actions as possible,” McCormick was cited by