Forthcoming: INNOTECH Int’l Conference and Exhibition on Cyber, HLS and Innovation

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iHLS is proud to present the International Cyber, Homeland Security Technologies, and Innovation Conference and Exhibition: INNOTECH 2021.

November 17-18, 2021 at EXPO Tel Aviv, pavilion 2.

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Municipalities, districts and other governmental entities are looking for innovative and ground-breaking technological solutions to combat the daily growth of cyber and HLS risks. These threats include attacks on critical infrastructures, intelligence challenges, and concerns arising from smart cities, smart transportation, cloud security, fintech exposure, terrorist attacks, public security threats, as well as criminal actors and natural disasters. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of technological innovation, especially in the development of rapid response and accelerated digital processes to address evolving crises. 

iHLS INNOTECH 2021 provides an essential arena for business meetings, B2B networking, and intriguing panel discussions on a variety of cyber, HLS and innovation topics.  The conference provides a one-stop venue to experience ground-breaking, startup technologies as well as state of the art content by experts in the industry.

iHLS INNOTECH 2021 is a critical business hub for attendees to network as well as to learn from influential professionals who will share their expertise on timely and relevant topics.

Among the Participants

Anticipated attendees include senior officials from the municipal sector – municipalities, districts, and states, the defense establishment, police, security and intelligence agencies, senior executives from the defense industries, technology companies, and hundreds of startups from Israel and internationally.


Decision-makers, CEOs, CTOs, CISOs, Heads of Innovation, Heads of Business Development, etc., who will share expertise in technological developments for: intelligence; protection of critical infrastructure (gas, electric and oil facilities); smart cities; smart transportation; fintech; cloud security; anti-terror and counter drug initiatives, and first responder issues, among other critical areas.

Why Attend:

iHLS INNOTECH 2021 provides the perfect forum to learn and experience the latest technological innovations in the field, in order to address current and anticipated threats

Thousands of attendees, hundreds of companies including many startups will get a close look at the Israeli ecosystem of cyber and HLS technologies.

At iHLS INNOTECH you will be able to showcase your advanced technologies, meet startups operating in this arena, experience firsthand the innovative technologies being developed, and meet industry leaders, decision-makers, experts, entrepreneurs, customers, and partners.

About iHLS

iHLS is an expert in the advancement of HLS innovation and business networking and the operator of iHLS Security Accelerator and the INNOFENSE Innovation Center run by iHLS alongside the Israel Ministry of Defense. 

The conference and panel discussions will focus on the following timely topics:

Cyber, HLS, and Innovation

  • Cloud cybersecurity
  • Smart city 
  • Smart transportation
  • Cyber and intelligence challenges for the municipal realm
  • OT & SCADA
  • Fintech cyber threats
  • Healthcare cyber threats
  • Cyber training simulation
  • GNSS (GPS) resilience and survivability
  • 5G – next-generation cellular communications
  • Anti money laundering (AML) and counter terrorist financing (CTF)
  • Access control and biometrics
  • Innovation in the IDF
  • Venture capital and startup meetups

and more..


Expo Tel Aviv, Pavilion 2

101 Rokach Blvd., Tel Aviv

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