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The Lebedev pistol is the latest combat small arms gun developed by the Kalashnikov Group. A super-compact modification of the latest Lebedev pistol is expected in the near future.

The current Lebedev handgun can fire any 9×19 mm caliber ammo, Kalashnikov Deputy CEO and Chief Designer Sergey Urzhumtsev said. “All the modifications of the Lebedev pistol are universal for the handgun’s munitions. It can fire both standard 9×19 mm Luger rounds and 7H21 armor-piercing cartridges,” the chief designer said.

The Lebedev pistol differs from its foreign rivals thanks to its improved ergonomics, he added, promising better handling, increased combat effectiveness, and practicable rate of fire.

Specialists are currently studying the possibility of mounting a collimator sight on the Lebedev pistol, he added.

The family of Lebedev pistols currently comprises the Lebedev MPL and Lebedev MPL-1 modular handguns and the Lebedev PLK compact version.

The super-compact Lebedev pistol is needed to cultivate the market niche of this handgun, he explained. “Actually, all the world’s pistol brands, for example, the Glock family, have such pistol versions. The sales of baseline items are not large, but such a version is needed to cover the whole spectrum of the potential market,” he said.

The Kalashnikov Group will create a whole family of small arms based on the latest Lebedev pistol, the chief designer said. “Indeed, this range will be expanded, first of all, by creating civilian versions of this pistol and eventually a super-compact version,” Urzhumtsev revealed, according to international news agencies.